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Rev. Neal Palmer is the Minister for the Beaverlodge-Wembley-Hythe Pastoral Charge that serves Hythe and area. All are welcome to join in the Sunday morning worship services and Sunday School at Wembley United Church at 9.30 and/or at Beaverlodge United Church at 11.15.

Afternoon Services are held at the Hythe Continuing Care Centre at 3.00 p.m. on the following Sundays in 2017: January 22, March 5, April 9, April 30, October 1, November 5, and December 17.

Evening Services are held at the Hythe and District Pioneer Lodge at 7.00 p.m. on the fifth Sunday of the months with five Sundays.

HISTORY OF Hythe United Church - 1914 - 2011

(The Community Church)

On Sunday June 26, 2011, Hythe United Church celebrated their 81st Anniversary, but the church marked 97 years in History. It all began in 1914 with the Log building known as the “Happy Valley Mission Church".

With so many new settlers moving in with their families it became a necessity to build a Church and a Schoolhouse. Rev. Charles Hopkins had been serving the community by conducting services at the earlier pioneer settlers' homes. Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodists and other Protestant faiths all worshipped together.

R. J. (Bob) Baker arrived to this area in April 1912, and he stated "when he arrived there was only a handful of families in this area." Charlie Robertson drove Bob and Herman Rederick around to meet the families. (Kelly Sunderman, Hartleys, Robertsons, Hendersons, & Fletchers) and he spoke of John &Alex Cummings families who arrived shortly after them (Bob & Herman).

Bob told us of how, where and who helped build the church and the schoolhouse. In winter of 1914, logs were hauled by a team of horses from the distant B.C. border by, Bob Baker and Bob McGregor. These logs were to build a log church and later the school.

Bob stated "there were many settlers in the area at this time but these are the names he remembered, as to who helped build the Happy Valley log Church in the winter of 1914-1915 on the southwest corner of NE19 73 10 W6 on land donated by Ernie McLelland. (The quarter was south of Rev. Charles Hopkins' son, Allan Hopkins' quarter - SW30 73 10 W6 - who filed on his land in 1911).  They were: Ernie McLelland, William Borden, Colonel Sunderman, Alex Matheson, Fred Coe, Harry Jenner, Bert Veldhuis, Bob McGregor, Stan Thieme, Bill Walper, Dick Sharkey, Cliff Henderson, Alex Cummings, Henry Hartley, Charlie Robertson, Gabriel Tjensvold and myself, Bob Baker."

(What I noted about the above mentioned men is that they all came over the Edson Trail between 1911-1914) and that in 1916 the majority of these men went down to Edmonton or Calgary and enlisted to fight in the 1st World War).


The little log church was called Happy Valley Mission, Methodist Congregation and minister was Rev. Charles Hopkins. After the church was built, Rev. Hopkins built a pulpit and donated a large Bible dated 1876, and a wooden communion service dated 1896. This pulpit, Bible, and wooden communion service were used in the Hythe United Church built in 1930 and on into 1940's. These are still displayed in the church today.

In 1919, an Organ was donated by the Bill Walper family in memory of their daughter, Mosseleen who died at the age of four. A piece of the organ – a candlestick - is in the display cupboard at the back of the Sanctuary and a picture of the Organ is in the History Book. Bill Walper's family were very active in the log church. His sisters, Susie and Katie Walper assisted on Sundays by leading the singing or teaching Sunday School.

In 1923: Those deceased on Happy Valley Methodist Mission Church Register were: Susan M. Walper/d. July 11, 1923. Officiating Clergy, Rev. Wilkinson and Percy P. Walper/d. Sept 2, 1923. Officiating Clergy, Dr. Forbes.

In 1924: Those married on the Happy Valley Methodist Mission Church Register were: Alexander Matheson & Gladys Henrietta Pike/date of marriage, November 9, 1924/at home of Mrs. Pike, Hythe, Alberta. Officiating Clergy, C.F. Hopkins. AND Allan Bertram Hopkins & Sarah Frances Loney/date of marriage December 8, 1924/at home of Bride/officiating clergy, C.F. Hopkins.

In 1925: the Happy Valley Methodist Mission Church became a United Church of Canada called Happy Valley Mission Church. By that time, Rev. Charles Hopkins was retired, and the church was served by ministers from Wembley and Beaverlodge and by student ministers during the summer months.

In 1926: Baptisms in the Happy Valley Mission Log Church with Clergy, Robert Simons, dated May 11, 1926, were:

1. Ethel Mary, daughter of William C. Walker & Gertrude R. Chioechi;

2. Eva Isabelle, daughter of Harry L. Jenner & Agnes R. Crossan;

3. James, son of Peter C. Law and Robina Robertsons;

4. Harold Lloyd, son of Alfred R. Gilroy (lawyer) & Fanny Veldhuis;

5. Arta Rosalthe, daughter of Alexander Matheson &Gladys H. Pike.

Rev. Wallace Moss, our first ordained minister, wife, Marjorie and with their family (Aileen, Cedric? & Harold) arrived in Hythe on July 1, 1929 and he stated "we found a new manse waiting for us to move into and the Log Church was sitting behind the manse on the" newly acquired church lots" as the picture shows." The log church had been moved into the New Town of Hythe on November 11, 1928. The moving was supervised by George Hicks. Teamsters were Ernie Henderson, Bill Walper, Gil Robertson, and Len Healy.

ADDED INSERT from Rev. Moss' letter of November 1987:

I, Rev. Wallace H. Moss, served Hythe from 1929-1933, 1934-1936, incidentally, I took a year out for Continuing Education, July 1, 1933 - July 1, 1934.

“With Hythe as centre of a large area, 20 miles West by 15 miles Northeast, the minister was expected to visit, meet spiritual needs of people, as well as hold preaching services. Small communities were beginning to develop around the schools and I used these as meeting places. Some were Molde, Demmitt, Goodfare, Lower Beaverlodge, Anellen. From 1929 and on the United Church people of Hythe became a fairly well organized congregation:-Sunday Worship, Choir (up to 15), Teacher Training Class (periodic) and other groups, Cottage Prayer meetings, Woman's Group (name changed 1931 from Ladies Aid to Woman's Association (W.A.) Mission Band, CGIT, Boys Cubs, Scouts, Drama Group (production was taken to Grande Prairie), and Vacation Bible School"

Rev. Moss stated that they held their first service in the Log Church the first Sunday in July 1929. It was soon noted that the log church was too small to hold the number of people attending Sunday services and the Masonic Lodge Hall was used until a new church could be built.

Mr. Len Healy was the first Sunday School Superintendent, and Mrs. Meta (Sullivan) Lacey was one of the first Sunday School teachers.


On April 8, 1930, a meeting was held with Rev. W.H. Moss, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Fred Hood, Mr. M.B. Mill and Frank Phillips to form a church building committee. Mr. Moss was elected chairman, and tenders were opened for bids for the work on April 22, 1930.

Land Title: On May 19, 1930, the United Church of Canada is now the owner of an estate in fee simple of and in Plan 1010 E.O., Block 10, lots 12, 13, 14, Hythe. AND (later on January 13, 1936) the United Church of Canada is now the owner of an estate in fee simple of and in Plan 1010 E.O., Block 10, Lot 15, Hythe.1930

BIDS TO BUILD NEW CHURCH WERE: John Johnson: $900.00; J.A. Leadbetter; $865.00; E. Oland: unknown; John Brandsater: $975.00; E. Porier: $1125.00; Carl Anderson: $1300.00; and A. Risbo:$1165.00 and one of these bidders built the model of church shown.


 Needless to say, in a country that was beginning to face a depression, the lowest bidder was awarded the contract (J.A. Leadbetter).

Rev. W. Moss was appointed to supervise the work, and a period of sixty days be given to complete the contract. Mr. George Hicks and Mr. M.B. Mill were put on a committee to figure up all the work done; such as handling lumber, and excavating the basement. “A man with a team was to be paid ($.70) seventy cents per hour, and $2.30 per thousand to be paid for lumber and hauling which was purchased from Harold Forbes."


With work on the new church progressing rapidly, June 29, 1930 was set for the opening date (note: It is on the last Sunday of June, near this date, that we have celebrated all the Hythe United Church Anniversaries).

Rev. Wallace Moss conducted the services in the unfinished Sanctuary of the new building. Copies of hymns were made up, seats were borrowed from the theatre, and thus, on this date, on a beautiful morning began the history of the Hythe United Church with 84 people at Morning Service and 80 people at Evening Service. Services were then held in the Masonic Hall until a year later when the basement of the church was finished.

DEDICATION SUNDAY OF THE CHURCH BUILDING was July 13, 1930 with Rev. R.B. Cochrane, who was the Secretary of the Home Mission Board at that time and our minister Rev. W. H. Moss. Pianist for this service was Mrs. Erick Freeman. Two Baptisms were held that day, Irene & Alexander Hawthorne. There were 130 people in attendance.


A model of the church was made by Carl Anderson and placed in a store to collect donations of money toward the new church building.

Quote from Meta Lacey “The Ladies Aid of the Church was a very active group in those days, and as a church kitchen was non-existent the dishes and dainties were brought in, often on hand sleighs and over frozen and bumpy roads. In October 1930, they held the first Congregational Supper to help raise money toward the church building. It is remembered that it was a very stormy day, but approximately 100 people still turned out to enjoy the supper."

A choir and a drama club were formed. Roman Catholic & Anglican members joined the Hythe United Church members to help raise the much needed money to build the church building. They took their plays and choir concerts to many points including Grande Prairie. One well remembered play was called "Here Come the Bridegrooms.”

Throughout the years the Ladies Aid, W.A., U.C.W, (the ladies clubs) continued to hold money making projects (chicken suppers, smorgasbords, rummage sales, craft sales, teas & bake sales, catering to banquets and to weddings) to raise much needed finances to help support the worshipping church congregation.


In the History Book, placed at the back of this sanctuary, there are many pictures of the past 80 years, letters from past ministers, and a history written up listing all the ministers and happenings during their years.

Rev. Moss wrote many letters of their years in Hythe, he tells of the mud and having to wear his rubber boots all the time, and of travelling on the railway tracks to Lymburn to give a funeral service. Also in the winter he used a team of horses owned by the John Cummings family to go to services at Albright. He also served Valhalla (Homestead), Ray Lake (Demmitt), and Lymburn. He told of Frank & Ruth Webb wanting to purchase the Log Church to use as a chicken house. They would pay $100.00 cash or construct a garage. The church board choose the much needed garage to shelter the minister's car and the Webbs had a home for their hens. He mentions the tragic death of Frank Phillips - while swimming in the Beaverlodge River - was mourned by the whole community and especially by the church where he was a very active, valued member. The funeral service was conducted by Grande Prairie Presbytery.

1930-1943 Ministers were: Rev.Wallace Moss (1929-1933); Joseph Wisnuk (Student Minister) 1933-1934; Rev. W. Moss (1934-1936); Rev. J.E. Ball (1936-1938) Rev. J. H. Stark (1938-1941); Rev. J. Elton Davidge (1941-1943) There is a picture of the Sunday School (1936-1938) in the History Book 1914-2011 (and below). Rev. J.E. Ball was the minister during this time and you will find an interesting letter from him and from Rev. Elton Davidge and Joseph Wisnuk in this book telling of their ministry in Hythe.

Sunday School from 1936-1938 (Rev. J.E. Ball)

W.A. 1932

W.A. 1936-1938

1943-1947 REV. HERMAN J. MILLER and his wife Amy: He was instrumental in having the upstairs of the church completed so that the worship services could be held in the Sanctuary, as until this time all services and activities had been held in the church basement.

They erected at the north end of the Sanctuary a new Chancel, so when the congregation came to worship they would not have to face the morning sun. In 1944, the Miller's presented a large Bible in memory of Elizabeth Miller, a deceased member of family. In 1947, a new Pulpit, Lectern Table and Hymn Board arrived and were placed in the church as gifts from Rev. Miller and his wife Amy. These items came from their church down east and were used every worship service. Amy lead a very active CGIT while here in Hythe.

A banquet was held on June 25, 1947 to celebrate the Burning of the Mortgage.

On January 8, 1945, Rev. Herman Miller formed the first Official Field Board. Rev. Miller (Minister) was named Chairman; John Cummings, Jr. (Farmer), Secretary; Jim Elliott (Hardware Store), Treasurer; this Official Field Board included Hythe, Albright, Homestead & Demmitt.

Other board members were Fraser McLeod (McLeod & Inkster Hardware); Ted Mint (Barber Shop); Alvin Maricle (Farmer); Art Lacey Sr. (Farmer); Louis Stickney Sr. (Farmer); Russell Wright (Albright Farmer); Mrs. Spence (Hythe Resident); Mr. Robson (Albright Farmer); R.F (Bert) Swanston was appointed auditor; Jack Hawthorne (Albright Farmer); Bert Cunningham (Albright Farmer); M.B. Mill (Farmer); Mrs. Eastman (Albright); Mrs. Helen Anderson (School Teacher at West Hythe); Mr. & Mrs. McGregor (Hythe Residents); Mrs. George (Clara) Dawson (Hotel Owner wife); Mrs. Caroline Stenvall (Farmer's wife) Mr. Murray Lay (Albright Farmer).

One item of business was the setting of the allocations for 1945 being the salary, and Hythe Charge should raise a total of $600.00 this year for salary, and that $75.00 for the M&M fund should be divided among the fields.

Ministers following Rev. Herman Miller, were Rev. Eldred G. Miller (1947-1951); During Rev. E. Miller's ministry, due to the vehicle accident that caused the untimely death of Ralph Dyer in fall of 1950, he became principal of the Hythe School as well as carrying on his duties as a Minister.

In 1950 the Church interior had another face lifting, a concrete floor was poured in the basement.

Rev. Miller was also instrumental in getting two men of this pastorate interested in studying for the Ministry. Jerry Windrum and Ted Eskdale later became ordained Ministers.

James Ritchie, Lay Pulpit Supply (1953-1955). He was our first Lay Minister in many years and continued to hold Sunday School with the Anglican Church under the leadership of a Deaconess of the Anglican Church.

Rev. Marion Zenke (1955-1958)

Rev. Zenke and his wife Joanna were very musical. A piano was donated by Charles and Nora Evaskevich to replace the old organ. Eleven church pews were built by Ernie Fair and Alex Kreitzer. Members who purchased a whole pew were: Mr. Alec & Mrs. Maude Kreitzer; Mr. Charles & Mrs. Nora Evaskevich, Mr. Carl & Mrs. Helen Anderson; Dan Bain Family; Mrs. Alma King; Mrs. Alvin Maricle; Madge Lambert; Mrs. M.B. Mill; Rev. Marion & Mrs. Joanna Zenke; Mr. Art & Mrs. Meta Lacey and Mr. Vic & Mrs. Caroline Stenvall. The Church Bell was obtained by Rev. Zenke from the N.A.R. and was placed in the steeple.

The Memorial Fund was started under Rev. Marion Zenke, Joanna was the Memorial Secretary and it was carried on to year 2011.

Mr. James Nicholas & his wife Florence & son Glenn. (1958-1963)

Mr. Nicholas is mostly remembered for his visiting and he maintained a very good Church attendance and once again the Church basement received a partial face lift.

Florence Nicholas was a tireless worker in the W.A. The W.A./W.M.S became the U.C.W. AND in 1962 we became the Hythe-Wembley Pastoral Charge. 

1963-1966 Rev. Mark Bedford & his wife Mair (Evan, Kathy, MaryAnn) and 1966-1969 Rev. Barry Thomas and his wife Helen & lan. (They had two more sons, Lorne & Wade, who were born in Hythe)

The Sunday School boasted 120 children, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and CGIT Girls Choir, & a youth Group called Hi ‘C’ were active. Gas Furnaces were placed in the church and manse. The Sanctuary & Chancel were redecorated: painting and paneling were added to the walls by U.C.W. and a Baptismal Font & Communion Table were built by one of the board members. The front window of the church was replaced with a Stained Glass window.

In 1965, with Rev. Mark Bedford, we held a 35th  Anniversary of the Church on June 20, 1965. Speakers were Rev. Wally Moss (Sermon "The Unchanging Gospel'), the Moss’ were warmly welcomed back into the community after some 30 years absence. Also Rev. Bob Miller, son of Rev. Eldred Miller (“Something Old-Something New") He recalled his boyhood days in Hythe when his father was preaching and now he had returned to use the same Pulpit.

In early 1968 Barry Thomas and the Hythe Charge hosted the Annual Peace River Presbytery, the first time it had been held in Hythe.




(1969 -1971) Mr. George Rumbold and his wife Ethel.

Mr. Rumbold liked to visit especially the farmers and Ethel was a great support of Mission Work through U.C.W.and a member of the Hythe Hospital Auxiliary. During Mr. Rumbold's ministry, the church was rewired and new light fixtures were installed. I believe the rewiring was done by Mr. Bert Jones & Mr. Vernon Reed.

(1971-1972) Rev. Gwen Symington:

Rev. Gwen was sent here to realign the churches (Wembley, Hythe & Beaverlodge) In September of 1972 we became the Hythe-Beaverlodge-Wembley Pastoral Charge.



First Minister to serve the Hythe-Beaverlodge-Wembley Pastoral Charge was Rev. Clinton Swallow & his wife Irene (1972-1974).

Rev. Clint and his wife & family were very musical. Clint played the harp and taught us many new songs and hymns. After two years he resigned in order to work with delinquent children on his parent's farm in Rimbey. It was a sad time for us all when we heard of the traffic accident that claimed their lives on Thursday June 27, 1974, and leaving a family of five children. Clinton Swallow was (47) and his wife Irene was (41}.Children being Faris (18), Heather (16) LeeAnn (13) Marilyn (12) and Curtis (10).

Rev. Clint Swallow had the last Confirmation Class in our Hythe United Church until the year 1998 with Rev. Marilyn Carroll. Those that were confirmed June 4, 1974 were Cindy Hommy, Sandra Dane, Kristin Dane, Kimberly Ann Lacey, and Debra Steinbring. Others in picture: Faris, Irene, Rev. Clint and Elaine Baker, Olivia Patterson.

1974-1980 Rev. Thomas Harding & his wife Shirley and the three boys (Bruce, Eric & Noel).

Rev. Tom was a great leader and speaker. His sermons were copied and distributed. We had Bible studies and at these Bible Studies we would discuss his sermons. What I remember is that he introduced the coloured cloths (red, green, purple & white). These depicted the church seasons. We would change the cloths on the Communion Table, and pulpit for each season. (Seasons being Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent/ Easter & Pentecost). He also had the UCW purchase the wall plaques in memory of our U.C.W. LIFE MEMBERS and names of deceased from the Memorial Gift Fund. In 1977, Helen Anderson deceased, and a Silver Communion Cup, a Cross, two candlesticks, and two flower vases were purchased by the memorial fund in her name.

During his ministry he shared the pulpit with his wife Shirley and also in 1976 we received an intern minister - Bill Richards - for one year.

1980: In 1980 we were served by Frank Giffen and his wife and family for two months. WE CELEBRATED OUR 50th HYTHE UNITED CHURCH ANNIVERSARY on June 22, 1980. Guest speakers were Rev. W. Moss, our first minister 1929-1936, and Dr. Jim Nicholas, our minister 1958-1963. A history was updated by Mrs. Olivia Patterson from the History written by Meta Lacey and Donna Shail in 1965.

Rev. Eric Lynk: (1980-1983) In 1980, Hythe United Church and Clairmont United Church became the Sexsmith Pastoral Charge and Eric was our first minister. We were a very active congregation during his ministry. (He would tease us about "flying in his van, between Clairmont and Hythe every Sunday).

Mildred Nordhagen made some Felt Wall Hangings in different colors, depicting the church seasons. Rev. Eric removed the wooden cross in the Sanctuary and each church season, in place of the cross, we would change these felt wall hangings and the colored cloths on the Communion Table and Pulpit. (Sarah Borden, Elaine Baker and Olivia Patterson took charge of doing this duty for many many years). Rev. Eric Lynk was also responsible for our purchase of the Canadian & Christian Flags. Ruby Reed wrote a poem in dedication to Eric and you will find this in our Hythe History Book 1914-2011 in back of Sanctuary.

Rev. Paul DuVal & his wife Robin Brynes: (1984-1988) The church still remained active until 1988, when we had many families dropping out of supporting the church due to the United Church of Canada policies and/or as we looked at the list of families, we had many active members that either moved or deceased. During Rev. Paul DuVal's ministry, we did some rebuilding of the church building. Front Entry and stairs and back entry all rebuilt. A new piano was purchased in 1984 in memory of R.J. (Bob) Baker, Carl Anderson, Viva Bain, Eric Hartley, Mabel Pollock & Bobby Pearson. In 1985 a Baptismal Bowl was purchased in memory of Sean Pearson. Ceiling Fans purchased in memory of Capt. Robert Guise and the office was furnished and equipped with a Photocopier in memory of Bernard Anderson. In 1987, the U.C.W. CELEBRATED- 25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. (1962-1987).

Rev. Bruce Dickson (1988-1992) Bruce came to us a single man, but married soon after to a lovely girl named Jan. This was first minister to move from our Manse. He bought a house in Sexsmith and  commuted from there. Under his direction we changed the name of our Pastoral charge to Clairmont-Hythe Pastoral Charge. He moved to Arthur, Ontario where he still lives and ministers to that congregation. He had a family of three and there are some letters from him in the History Book.

It was during Rev. Bruce's ministry that a PA SYSTEM was placed in the Church Steeple in memory of Robert Cunningham and a framed picture of "JESUS IN GETHSEMANE” was placed in the Sanctuary in memory of Art Pearson. We had a 60th ANNIVERSARY on June 24, 1990 with Rev. Gwen Symington as Guest Speaker. We had a 11:00 a.m. Service followed by a Potluck Dinner.

In the year 1992-1993 we had a Diaconal Minister, Nancy Holman.

We were in the process of Clairmont and Hythe each going their own way. Meaning they would become Clairmont Pastoral Charge and Hythe Pastoral Charge. The minister's claimed that they didn't like travelling the distance between the two places.

In 1993, we sold the church manse to Joy & Arta Juneau.

From September, 1993, Marilyn Carroll looked after our funerals, as for a period of time we had no minister to serve our church until July 1, 1995-June 30, 2001, Marilyn Carroll & Joan Jarvis, diaconal ministers at the time, each came to Hythe one Sunday a month. On the other Sundays} we had a retired Baptist minister Pastor Harold Peters and Emily Sylvester give us a sermon. We enjoyed this set up. A nice variety of sermons each Sunday. Marilyn & Joan were ordained during their time of ministry with us.

Marilyn Carroll & Joan Jarvis Harold & Hazel Peters Emily Sylvester


In 1995-0ne of our faithful members, Olivia Patterson life member of our church, deceased on February 8, 1995. From Memorial Fund money we refurbished the wooden floors in the Sanctuary and Chancel and in June 1995, the Patterson Family donated a new Communion Table (Altar), Baptismal Font, and Pulpit Chair in memory of their mother.

1996-1997: All the windows of the Sanctuary were replaced with new Stain Glass

Windows donated by Don & June Pearson, Ella Pearson & Family. They also painted the church, new roofing, repairs to drain pipes, etc. and a chain link fence was added to the backyard. They replaced the shakes on the Church Tower, and the shakes were provided by Doug Gale.

1998: Marilyn Carroll had a confirmation class of six, Keith, Shelby & Lesley Dane; Bobby and Meghan Balderston; and Marley Kyle. The last confirmation class before this one was on June 4, 1974 with Rev. Clinton Swallow.


1999: The beautiful Wooden Wall Banners depicting the Church Seasons were made & donated by Elvin and Mildred Nordhagen. There were many memorial gifts given to the church, and are all listed in the Hythe History Book 1914-2011 at back of Sanctuary.

2002-2004 Rev. Chris Donnelly

We became, once again, Beaverlodge- Wembley-Hythe Pastoral Charge and on March 3, 2002 we had our first afternoon church service at 2 p.m. with Rev. Chris Donnelly and by the end of June this service time was cancelled due to poor attendance. We remember the Spring Fling Suppers held out at Lake Saskatoon Hall, and the Bible study called the "Bethel Series" held with the Wembley folk.

2003-2004: The Hythe United Church received gifts of money from two pioneer families, Johnny & Jessie Cummings and Don Hawthorne. These gifts gave us the opportunity to keep our church open awhile longer to worship services and to serving the Hythe Community.

2004-2005 Student Minister, Blake Field. He brought us a great gift of "music" and some of us lucky ones purchased his CD "Why Me?"

2005-2010 Rev. Piotr Strzelecki. Piotr came to us as a Student Minister and in 2006 was ordained. On October 8, 2006, we had our first evening Worship Service at 7:00 p.m. On June 27, 2010, we had an 80th Anniversary Supper celebration prepared by our minister and his wife, Dawn with guests from Wembley and Beaverlodge.


The Rev. Piotr Strzelecki was our last minister.

Last child baptized in our church on October 7, 2007, was Brennan Lacey, son of Myles & Amanda Lacey.

Last funeral service was held in Grande Prairie on August 12, 2010, and was Robert (Bob) Baker, age 52, son of Ed & Elaine Baker

Piotr’s last service in the church followed by a meeting was on August 29, 2010.

A mention should be made to some of our pianists. These are some that I recall:

Helen Anderson, Joanna Zenke, Margaret Wereley, Candace Davies, Peggy Smith,

Kathryn (Benson) Driver, Vera Hogg, Esther Johnstone, Betty Mumert, Shelby

Dane and Edna Sparkes.

I was told that some of the early organists were: Mr. Alex Matheson, Mrs. Erick Freeman; Mrs. Helen Anderson; Mrs. Alice Baker; Mrs. J.F. Swanston; Mrs. Iva Light.



Back left-right: Marie Pearson, Peggy Lacey, Audrey Crichton, Elaine Baker Dawn Manning-Strzelecki

Front left-right: Les Crichton, Rev. Piotr Strzelecki

Over the years, the Hythe United Church Congregation has enjoyed the fellowship, worship services, meetings with the Beaverlodge, Wembley and Clairmont United Church congregations of the Peace River Presbytery and the Northern Lights Presbytery.


Rev. W. H. Moss;(1929-1936)

Joseph Wisnuk, Student Minister(1933-1934);

Rev. J. E. Ball;(1936-1938)

Rev. J. H. Stark 1938-1941);

Rev. J. Elton Davidge(1941-1943);

Rev. Herman J. Miller (1943-1947);

Rev. Eldred G. Miller(1947-1951);

James Ritchie, Lay Pulpit Supply (1953-1955);

Rev. Marion Zenke(1955-1958);

Mr. James Nicholas, Lay Minister,(1958-1963);

Rev. Mark T. Bedford (1963-1966);

Rev. Barry R. Thomas (1966-1969);

Mr. George Rumbold(1969-1971);

Rev. Gwen E.Symington(1971-1972);

Rev. Clinton Swallow (1972-1974);

Rev. Thomas Harding(1974-1980);

Rev. Eric N.Lynk(1980-1983);

Rev. Paul DuVal(1983-1988);

Rev. Bruce Dickson(1988-1992); 

Nancy Holman (Diaconal Minister,(1992-1994);

Rev. Joan Jarvis & Rev. Marilyn Carroll (1994-2001);

Rev. Chris Donnelly(2002-2004);

Blake Field, Student Minister(2004-2005),

Rev. Piotr Strzelecki (2005-2010). 

A Methodist congregation began ministry in the area in 1914 and the basement of the present building was dedicated on July 13, 1930 for worship services. The building was completed in 1947.

A service to deconsecrate the Hythe United Church building was held in the Church on Sunday June 26th, 2011 followed by a wonderful potluck supper.
It was transferred to the Hythe Historical Society on June 30, 2011.
COMPILED BY ELAINE BAKER, member of Hythe United Church since April 1959.


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