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The above poem written by Josie Dahl hangs in the church

An easier reading version follows

Saved by Grace


Vandals struck our little Church

That sits on Halcourt hill.

They tried to burn it to the ground

But it proudly sits there still.


The walls are scorched and blackened,

Some places they are burned,

The floor has marks and burn-holes,

And some pews were overturned.


The windows were all smashed out

Not a single one was left,

Oh, what fun it must have been

By hurting all the rest.


That little church has stood there,

A near century on that ground;;

It’s been the greatest landmark

From which our roots are found.


For in those very early years

When squatters chose this land

They gathered up that lumber,

And built it hand-in-hand.


It was the first frame building

Built west of Grande Prairie.

Many folks were married there

Or baptized their baby.


It also was a learning place

By teachers stricter then,

There was no time to mess around

With classes- one to ten!


It even served the community

When the doctor came about

On tables down the center

He would take your tonsils out!


The people came from miles around,

To give thanks and worship there’

They came by sleigh or buggy

Or walked, or “rode shanks mare”.


It was the greatest meeting place,

In those pioneer early days;

For everyone was brothers then,

And taught us in their ways.


We wonder why it didn’t burn

‘Twas built back in 1911.

Could it be that greater power

That comes to us from heaven?


It is a big decision now,

When prices are so high

To restore our church and pride again

Or just leave, to grace the sky!


By: Josie Dahl